Race Itinerary

General Itinerary (Itinerary may be subject to change at the discretion of event organisers)
Junior Event:
Saturday 22nd September 2018
7.00am                                                    Registration (Juniors and Seniors)
7.30am                                                    Riders Briefing
8.00am                                                   Junior Race Start – Sight Lap First
1.30pm                                                    Seniors Prologue
Seniors Event
Saturday 22nd
7.00am                                                        Registration
1.00am                                                        Riders Briefing
1.30am                                                        Racing Starts (Prologue)
Sunday 23rd September 2018
7.00am                                                        Registration
7.30am                                                        Riders Briefing
8.00am                                                        Racing Starts
  • All riders must register between 7.00am and 7.20am
  • Racing will start at 8:00am sharp
  • Any rider who does not finish or breaks down must inform the lap scorer immediately upon returning to pits