Event Nomination

DMC Doorawarrah 300 Nomination

This link includes your nomination for the Doorawarrah 300 and your 2018 DMC Membership


Doorawarrah Race Nomination:

To participate in the Doorawarrah 300 Race, you must:

  • Be 16yrs of age or older on day one of the event for seniors nomination
  • Agree to and sign the event waiver (see Terms & Conditions)
  • Be Desert Motorcycle Club Member $30.00 (Can be obtained online via memberships page)
  • Pay the Doorawarrah event nomination fee of $230.00.

*Note – The total nomination fee of $230.00 covers you for the Doorawarrah event only.

Junior Doorawarrah 2015 


Male or Female juniors aged 12-15yrs (inclusive) 


Two wheel (85cc-150cc 2Stoke) or (150cc-250cc 4Stroke)

Quad Class (90cc-200cc 2Stroke) or (150cc-250cc 4Stroke) 


1.5 hr continuous racing on the prologue track of each of the individual events that make up the series. 


Doorawarrah 50     $50 + $15(Membership) (Desert Motorcycle Club)

Jnr Program:

All junior events will follow the same program schedule as per below.

Friday of each of the Series events: 

Juniors Event Schedule

  • 07:00                                 Juniors Registration
  • 08:00                                 Juniors Race – Start
  • 09:30                                 Juniors Finish
  • 16:30                                 Juniors Presentation 

Points Scoring:         As per seniors shown on the Rules & Regs page of this site. 

All other conditions of entry are as per the entry conditions as displayed on the Rules & Regs page of this site.

For further nomination information either call or email Paul Varasdi on 0427 177 411  paul@aquayak.com